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Posted by: Phil Fogliani on 12/15/2014

The Market Trends for Construction Jobs in Australia

The Market Trends for Construction Jobs in Australia

The Australian economy continues to go through changes and it is expected that these changes will also affect the construction sector in the year 2014. The construction industry in Australia is expanding and the employers are experienced a shortage of skillful local candidates for their job openings. That creates a great opportunities for construction professionals overseas who want to secure a position with an Australian company. The salaries in the construction sector in Australia are rewarding and many skillful candidates are willing to immigrate or just looking for temporary construction jobs in Australia.


The economic projections show that it seems inevitable that the construction sector in Australia will increase its dependence on the outside supply of workforce. The overall outlook for the Australian construction industry in the year 2014 is optimistic because the demand for grow will be easily satisfied with willing candidates from outside the country. There are significant variations in spending across different Australian construction sectors, cities, states, and sub-sectors. The statistic data appear to indicate that the residential construction spending in particular is expected to increase. The reason for this stays in part in the increase in affordable housing and in the low mortgage interest rates in the Australian banking system. An increase in spending in non-residential construction can also be the result of low interest rates.


Even if the mining construction sector will continue to fail in the year 2014, the mining exports and home building will keep proliferating in its place. The mining exports and home building will overshadow mining construction this year. Because the consumer spending is expected to rise in 2014 and on the Australian real estate market home prices are starting to increase, the economic outlook for Australian economy is pretty strong. The construction industry in Australia and especially home construction is well positioned to pick up steam. The expectations are that the construction sector will continue to experience record employment growth in the next years, until at least 2016.


In this context, the construction companies will experience difficulties in filling their opening positions. In particular skills shortages in the construction industry will mean more job opportunities for overseas workers. When Australian construction sector employers are not able to fill their vacancies they are forced to look elsewhere. Skill shortages in the Australian construction industry exists because the industry is booming at the moment, but also because of other reasons such as difficult location for the job vacancy, or because the position requires specialist skills. However, for foreign workers with the right skills location is not important as long as they can secure a job in Australia.


The Australian construction sector also experiences a situation in which certain traditional trades do not have enough skilled workers to meet the current increased demand. Among the construction trades on this national skills list prepared by the government are included bricklayers and construction electricians, for example.


For those construction professionals who want to take advantage of these trends in the Australian job market, now it is the best opportunity to secure a position with an Australian employer. In order to succeed with this goal you need to have the right information about the Australian immigration policies, Australian work regulation, the companies that are employing in the construction sectors, where to start your job search and what are the best cities to be based in, positions available for trade qualified personnel, info on training organisations, as well as unskilled entry level positions available. Such information is well synthesised in an eBook available for purchase Here.


You’ll be thrilled to discover in the pages of this eBook that the entry level wage in the Australian construction industry can be as much as 160,000 AUD for a trade assistant or a general labourer. Most of the people are well aware of the opportunities existent in the Australian mining industry but less aware of the golden opportunity in the less known construction industry. However, to put things in perspective, an entry level position as drillers offsider in the mining industry can earn you only 60,000 to $80,000 AUD. On top of that, it is easier to work in construction than in mining. Most people do not want to work on a remote construction site or in a mine for the rest of their lives and they only plan temporary employment in the field in order to save money. A higher paying job is obviously a better pick for a foreign worker in Australia. Whether male or female, entry level or skilled trade, you will enjoy a premium pay for working in Australian construction industry. The eBook contains information that will assist you in finding the right job in this lucrative sector.


Jobs as trades assistant, tradesman, or general construction labourer in Australia will skyrocket your income. You can find a comprehensive list of opportunities and employers in this industry in the eBook available Here. Do not let this great opportunity pass you by. Take full advantage of the unlimited possibilities in Australia’s construction sector.