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Posted by: Phil Fogliani on 12/04/2014

The Importance Of A Construction Manager

The Importance Of A Construction Manager

The building and design industry is very complex, given the fact that there are a lot of professionals in the field. Construction management is one of the major jobs in building and design, and it is also among the most detailed jobs. The construction management involves the ability of learning the entire project, from the foundation, to the completed structure. Over the past few years, the construction management jobs have steadily risen and it is expected that they will rise further in the coming years.

Here is a guide for the construction management jobs in Australia.

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Just like any other job, the construction management job needs proper training before one can become a certified construction manager. There are some who start as mere carpenters, then end up being professional construction managers, even devoid of having a degree. Nevertheless, this has been ruled out by the relevant authoritative bodies. The relevant institutions and organizations need every construction manager to go through a certified college. It is expected that every potential construction manager should have both the college education and contextual experience. This is what makes one to be fully equipped with the relevant requirements. Several colleges are available for potential candidates to undergo program in building science, construction engineering or construction science. However, there are some construction managers who take engineering or architecture as a course. The practical experience needed will be achieved via internships or some may be employed as assistants. When they have the necessary experience, they then become certified managers.


There are very mane duties under the construction management jobs, here are some of the most common duties;

• Risk Management

The main duty here is the troubleshooting of the given risks. Here, the managers will cut down the possible load of troubles that might occur. There are several aspects that might bring about potential risks in the construction process. Such factors like safety of the worker, conditions of the site, assumption of the design, public regulations or environmental regulations. The managers will therefore take preliminary steps to identify any possible risk factor related to the construction process.

• Dispute Management

The manager will take the mediator role to solve any possible dispute that might occur in the event. It could be a dispute between the subcontractors or the construction workers and the clients. This will help to clear the air and maintain a friendly environment, where everyone can have a peaceful job.

• Keeping Every Relevant Person Informed

The manager will be a servant of the construction company and the client. The client is the person whose project is being worked on by the construction company. For that, the construction manager will help in keeping the boss, or company, and the client informed. All the ongoing process will be informed to the two parties for the sake of letting them know of any required things, or any changes. If the schedule of the construction is affected by a given factor, the manager will inform the client.

Maintaining The Budget

In as much a the manager is responsible for the physical construction, the financial part is also attached to their responsibilities. The construction manager is responsible for maintaining an economical budget in the construction process. This is done by quoting prices that are friendly enough. Basically, a fair price will attract a client and the manager will most likely win the given job.


The construction management is one of the highly paid job in Australia. This is factored by the heavy job responsibilities and the detailed training that they undergo. Though not every manager will be paid the same, even the lowest paid gets a very good salary. The starting salary of a construction manager in Australia is $80,000 per year, but a senior manager will get up to $160,000. All in all, the average salary of the construction manager is $115,000 per year. The salary basically varies with effect to the experience, the employer and the skills of the manager. The average working hours are about 45 hours per week.

The construction management jobs are among the most vital jobs in Australia, given the fact that many sites are still under construction and there are also several commercial buildings that are implemented. They play a huge role in the economy by ensuring that the structured have been built in the right way and that they are steady enough to last for a longer time.